Founder, George La Forge with Sous Chef, Hector Vega and Chef de Cuisine, Osiel Gonzalez

Founder, George La Forge with Sous Chef, Hector Vega and Chef de Cuisine, Osiel Gonzalez

Founder, Georges La Forge with Sous Chef, Hector Vega
and Chef de Cuisine, Osiel Gonzalez

The Oldest French Restaurant in Vegas…

Why does a classic French restaurant define “Old Vegas”?

At first glance it looks like a common ranch house just off the strip. Once you step inside you are instantly transported to the era of the “Brat Pack”. It was a time of legend and for good reason. They knew how to eat.

Georges Making Lover's Delight 1974

Georges Making Lover's Delight


French Cottage

The interior ambiance is of a French Cottage where French Provençal fare, steaks, seafood, and desserts reign supreme. The sharply dressed wait staff makes you feel at ease and guides you through a feast you will not soon forget. But let’s not forget the real star is the food.

It is the care taken with each dish that make it so unique. They do not have to make their own sorbet for the chocolate soufflés made in house, but they do. You can taste the difference.

This passion for the ingredients, the food, the wine, the ambiance, and the service all have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that keep people coming back again and again (for over 40 years).

Georges Juliet Prowse

Georges & Juliet Prowse


Pamplemousse Le Restaurant opened in July of 1976 based on a friendship. George LaForge immigrated to Las Vegas in 1962 and worked his way up from busboy to beloved Chef. He made many friends along the way in this growing metropolis.

Georges Robert Goulet

Georges with Robert Goulet


His friend, the singer Bobby Darin loved the French word for grapefruit; pamplemousse.

After Darin died from heart surgery at 37, LaForge converted his casual creperie “The Morning After” into the fine French dining restaurant on Sahara Avenue to honor him. That is how great restaurants begin, with love.


George LaForge


For more than 40 years, Le Restaurant has focused on the cuisine of Southern France. It has garnered many awards and praise not only for its food but for the experience itself. Great service and a great meal never goes out of style.

That is why “Pamplemousse Le Restaurant” is classic Las Vegas.

Bon Appetit!
George and Diana La Forge

In March of 2019, our beloved Georges LaForge passed away.  Months before, Georges and his wife, Diana, considered selling Pamplemousse Le Restaurant and retire to France.  

Diana made the decision to stay in Las Vegas and for Pamplemousse, a Las Vegas Landmark restaurant, to remain open.  

The Chef de Cuisine, the Sous Chef, the Managers, and Staff have been with Georges for many, many years.  Diana will continue the tradition of great food in his memory with the same people that made Pamplemouse a legend.

Award from the City