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National Escargot Weekend

Enjoy the Best Escargot at Las Vegas’ Oldest French Restaurant!

Food for Thought: The French consume 40,000 metric tons of snails each year. American restaurants serve about 1 billion snails annually. Snails have been eaten as food since at least ancient Roman times
- found even in the oldest surviving cookbook

Escargots Maison - Shallots, Mushrooms, Beurre Blanc, Red Wine & a touch of Demi-Glace

Escargots Provencale - Garlic, Tomatoes, Basil, Herbes de Provence, Butter and White Wine

Escargots Bourguignonne - Garlic, Shallots, Parsley, Beurre Blanc and White Wine

Escargots on a Nest of Angel Hair Pasta, a Georges LaForge Signature Recipe - Garlic, Parsley, a touch of Cream with Crumbled Roquefort Cheese & Sliced Almonds on a nest of Angel Hair Pasta

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